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Feb. 2, 2021 

1.  Call to order

2.  Roll call

3.  Approval of March minutes

4.  Concho Valley water users

5. Delinquent account

6. District policy, no payment from prior year, no water this year
               A. How to distribute unpaid water turns until paid?

7. Guderian proposal for delinquent balance

8. 2021 Water schedule changes

9. Water tickets and invoices
10. Lake Reports & Water measurements


About: About Us

11. Call to the public

12. Millet Swale - Letters for Don Shumway

13. Leaking valves, Are they all ready?

         A. Travis Tenney

         B. Rogers

         C. Terry Stratton (old broken valve)

         D. Shumway leaks

14. District Foreman report      


15. Camp Silver Creek meeting about water blockage

16. Four Bay Progress


17. Next meeting/ Adjourn

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